Meet Our Featured Cadet: Corder Maples

Corder is a Junior Agricultural Economics major in Squadron 17 from Fort Worth, Texas! He first joined the cav to learn how to ride horses and the opportunity to be a part of a group and experience that is not offered anywhere else. Corder’s favorite memories from being in the cav include getting to pull the Spirit of ’02 through Kyle Field for the last game-day and getting to fire the Spirit of ‘15 during midnight yell.

Meet our Featured Cadet: John Borland

John is a Senior General Business major in Company L-1 from Spring, Texas! He first joined the cav in order to further pursue his passion for horses as well as the opportunity to be a part of the most unique experience within the Corps of Cadets. John’s favorite memory from his time in the cav was being on the field and pulling the cannon for the 7 overtime game against LSU. When asked about what he has learned from being in the cav he said, “I have learned a lot about a unique style of horsemanship, but more importantly I have learned a lot about the critical thinking skills that it takes to plan develop and execute training and activities for an organization as large as PMC.”

Meet Our Featured Cadet: Micah Stark

Micah is a Junior Civil Engineering major in K-1 from New Braunfels, Texas. He said he first joined the cav because, “I knew nothing about horses and the idea of learning to ride and care for these animals was as exciting as it was frightening. I knew in the Cav, more than any other organization on campus, I would be pushed out of my comfort zone continuously and I would learn something about myself, horses, and life everyday.” When asked about his favorite memory he said, “My favorite memory by far is Riot school. We got to expose ourselves and our horses to different stressful riding situations and learn to stay calm when everything around us wasn’t. It was an incredibly unique experience to ride around fire, loud music, gun shots, footballs being thrown at us, umbrellas being opened around us, and just other things designed to make us more confident riders and more prepared to ride out in the public.”

Meet Our Featured Cadet: Jennifer Shepherd

Jennifer is a Senior Kinesiology major in A-Battery from McAllen, Texas! She said she first joined the cav to learn about horses and to be a part of a special unit in the corps that embodies great tradition and excellence. When asked about her favorite memory she said, “Our last ride in to campus this season was definitely one of my favorite memories. It was the culminating experience of my time in cav, and knowing it was my last ride, I really let it all sink in.”

Meet Our Featured Cadet: Travis Nix

Travis is a Senior Finance major in E-1 from Victoria Texas! He is currently serving as the 2019-2020 Section Chief for Half Section. He said his favorite memory in the cav was firing the Spirit of ‘02 on Kyle Field for the 2018 LSU vs. A&M game. Travis first joined the cav to find comradery through hard work, dedication, and stressful situations. When asked about what he has learned from his time in the cav, he said “Informed and collected leaders are the best way to make a bad situation better.”

Meet Our Featured Cadet: Ben Zern

Ben is a Junior Industrial Engineering major in L-1 from Austin, Texas!
When asked about his favorite memory he said, “ the time we rode into campus for our mock Game Day during work week, it was the first time I had ridden outside the Green, and it was neat to see campus while on horseback.” He joined the cav to learn how to ride, and be around like-minded cadets. He said he has learned a lot from PMC, including practical skills beyond riding horses from working around the Green like fixing the electric fences, hooking up a gooseneck trailer, and repairing water troughs.

Meet Our Featured Cadet: Alecia Berry

Alecia is a Junior Biomedical Sciences major in B-1 from Caldwell, Texas! Her favorite memories in the cav include building relationships  and making memories throughout the year with her peers and then receiving her yellow cord at the end of work week. When asked why she wanted to join the cav she said, “I grew up in an Aggie family. I remember watching the cav ride through campus whenever my parents took me to games, and I always looked up to them and knew I wanted to join the unit one day. I have always loved horses and being around them, I was introduced to horses because of my grandma Yvonne who shares a love of horses with me.”

Meet Our Featured Cadet: Nathan Karels.

Nathan is a Senior Industrial Distribution Major in L-1 from Palestine, Texas! His favorite memory in the cav was riding back from March to the Brazos coming into his senior year. He said, “It was really awesome to help plan that op and watch it all come together as a tangible representation of how much we’ve all grown.” Nathan said he has learned being in the Cav not to sweat the small things and to be able to find the positives. He said, “There’s no such thing as a bad day as long as you’re constantly learning and growing.”

Meet Our Featured Cadet: Bronson Lincks.

Bronson is a Junior Construction Science Major in Company K-2 from Ovilla, Texas! When asked why he joined the Cav he said, “I joined the Cavalry because I wanted to be a part of something special at Texas A&M. PMC embodies tradition, hard work, and brotherhood.” Bronson said he has learned the importance of communication and practice during his time with the Cav. His favorite memory so far was when he was able to shoot the gun at step off and Kyle Field for the opening game.

Meet Our Featured Cadet: Sam McClain.

Sam is a Senior Biomedical Sciences Major in A-2 from Katy, Texas! He first wanted to join the Cav to meet new people and gain experience/knowledge about riding horses. When asked about his favorite memory he said, “My favorite memory is the first time I rode through campus and Kyle Field. Having all eyes on you as you ride through your school is truly amazing and I have never had any experience that compares.”

Meet Our Featured Cadet: Ture Carlson.

Ture is a Junior Geophysics Major in Company E-2 from San Antonio, Texas! He first wanted to join the Cav because it presented him with the chance to be part of a challenging and unique organization that has pushed him to excel each and every day. His favorite memory as a member of Parsons Mounted Cavalry is when he was able to be the guidon from 2nd Platoon during the Ride-In for the Alabama game.

Meet Our Featured Cadet: Katherine Vo.

Katherine is a Junior International Studies major in SQ-3 from San Juan, Puerto Rico! Katherine first wanted to join the Cav because of the values that it is built upon: hard work, dedication, and constant improvement. “The Cavalry’s mission could not be accomplished without the tireless effort each and every member of her organization puts out. I am very proud and happy to be part of such a dedicated and talented group of people.” Her favorite memory is after the Cav’s first Mock Game-Day of the year. “The day was long and fulfilling, and by the end when our cords and whities were given to us, it genuinely surprised me. The reward that day was the sense of accomplishment I felt, and being given these symbols made it all the sweeter. I’ll never forget that feeling.”

Meet our Featured Cadet: Justin Pershall.

Justin is a Senior AGEC major with a minor in Agrifood Sales in E-2 from Waller, Texas. Justin first joined the Cav because he enjoys working with animals and because he wanted to experience the most that PMC has to offer. When asked about his favorite memory, he said “It was staying at the Prude Ranch while on the Rose Bowl Trip. I was on the planning committee and that was the stop I planned. To see my efforts pay off and turn out great made it all worth it.”

Meet our Featured Cadet: Jacob Duane.

Jacob is a Junior Ag Leadership/Military Studies major in E-1 from Humble, Texas! He first wanted to join the Cav to create life-long friendships and to one day shoot the Spirit of ‘02 in Kyle Field. He achieved this goal the first game! When asked about his favorite memory so far, he said “It has to be the first time we rode into Kyle Field during mock game day. It was a super surreal feeling.”

Meet our Featured Cadet: Mary Stewart.

Mary is a Junior History major in Squadron 8 from San Antonio, Texas! Joining the Cav was the major reason she came to Texas A&M, along with pursuing a career in the Air Force. She grew up loving horses and being around them, and being on Parsons has been absolutely amazing for her. There’s not a day she regrets being out here. When asked about her favorite experience, she said, “So far, it has been my first ride in – even though we didn’t go into Kyle Field due to rain, it was still a very proud moment for me getting to ride through the crowd and feeling a sense of accomplishment.”

Meet our Featured Cadet: Preston Miller.

Preston is a senior Political Science Major in Squadron 3 from Chattanooga, Tennessee! Of all the time he has spent in the Corps, his favorite memories come from when he is at the Green or taking part in a campus Ride-in on Texas Aggie Game Days. One of those moments came early in his Junior year, having just made the Cavalry. It was one of the first campus Ride-ins and it rained all day, soaking everyone to the bone, yet him and his buddies were all smiles because they were all having so much fun! It was the kind of day that reminds everyone that there’s no such thing as a bad day in Cavalry. He owes his reason for joining Parsons Mounted Cavalry to one specific upperclassman during my fish and sophomore year, Josh Widger. Preston says that, “He was the coolest, and was always talking about how PMC is the most unique and best thing you can do at A&M, and now that I’m here, I wholeheartedly agree.”

Meet our Featured Cadet: Benjamin Kaplan.

Benjamin is a Junior animal science major from Alexandria, Louisiana. He is a part of Squadron 20. Fun fact about Benjamin, he has participated in musical theatre for most of his life. He first wanted to join the cav because of his interest in horses and livestock.